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We are waiting for you to dance into the future with us!

Pricing and subscriptions

Duration of a dance class - 60-70 minutes.
Price of a single class - 8 euros,

8 class subscription - 40 euros (valid for 2 months),

4 class subscription - 25 euros (valid for 1 month).

Price of an individual class (60 min) - 30 euros. Scheduled at your convenience.

Required dress-code

The main priority when deciding what to wear for a dance class is how comfortable you feel and whether you can still move without restrictions. For men we recommend long pants with a shirt or T-shirt.
For women we recommend skirt with a blouse or a jacket or a dress (depending on the season).
Material, style and color is left for you to choose.

Footwear for dance classes

When choosing footwear, pay attention to the thickness and smoothness of soles as well as the height of the heel in order to make sure that it does not create additional inconvenience and would not limit your movement on the dance floor.
Soles of your shoes should have the right amount of slip-and-grip on the dance floor while allowing your foot to pivot and slide freely.
You should stay away from wearing sports shoes in dance classes. Let's leave sneakers, trainers etc. to sporting activities.
Comfortable shoes with leather soles would be best for men. For women we recommend comfortable shoes with medium heels. For the first few classes you might choose shoes without heels in order to feel more stable.